Oakmonte Village ALF Central FL
Oakmonte Village ALF Central FL

Sandra Tonger, former secretary, recently sought assistance from SIG Transitions. I needed help placing my mother who suffers from memory loss. “I found out about SIG Transitions from my daughter who knows Zach Hudson,” says Tonger. “We were introduced to Paul Francis, Paul met with our family and asked us what our concerns and wants were for my mother. Paul researched the local facilities and found us a few options that would work for our family.”

Paul set up appointments to tour each facility. “He went with us while we visited them,” says Tonger. “It was helpful to have someone do the leg work for us.” He was with us each step of the way.

And then, when the time came for the physical move, Paul also provided people to help. “He helped us move my mother’s furniture,” says Tonger.

Such thorough service was a god-send as we went through this difficult change. “It was the most difficult thing I had to do. My mother didn’t want to leave her home, but there comes a point where we had to have help,” says Tonger. “She was lonely living alone, but now she is involved with the activities they have available and she has meals fixed for her which is a much better situation.”

SIG Transitions helped us with a hard situation, but with Paul’s help and personal touch it was an easier transition.